APR IMPET – about the company

APR IMPET is a new company that has functioned since 2010. Nevertheless, our experience is based on earlier cooperation with many significant clients of automotive, yacht and furniture branches. Our aim is to promote new, innovative technology which can increase efficiency, effectiveness and savings in a productive process, too. Our activity started in 2010 from the cooperation with the Korean producer of abrasive materials Sun Abrasives Co.LTD. The main idea of APR IMPET is to introduce and to promote SUNMIGHT’s products into Polish market.

For the sake of innovation and a new technology we focused on Sunmight FILM ( film backing ) which is now recognized as a material of the highest quality. In 2015, we began the cooperation with the English producer of antistatic tools STATIC SOLUTIONS. One of the latest products based on the newest technology is STAT GUN – the wireless ionizing device used to eliminate static electricity.

We invite you to cooperation with us